Automotive Steels

1. Ultra high-strength steels design

2. Lightweight steels design

We design novel automotive steels based on Fe-Mn-Al-C system in order to obtain excellent a combination of strength-ductility.

Main strategies are to investigate nano- & micron-scale phase transformation & precipitation behaviors and to correlate them with mechanical properties.

We are focusing on the development of medium- and high-Mn steels and lightweight steels.

3. Hot-press forming steel design

We study ultra high-strength martensitic steels, Hot Press Forming (HPF) steels, used for the structural pillar parts in the automotive body.

Our interests are to control micro-alloying elements for precipitation & grain refinement and to investigate tensile, bending, impact, and delayed fracture properties.

*Key Publications

1. Ultra high-strength steels


(1) High-Mn

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Mater. Sci. Eng. A (2018)

(2) Medium-Mn

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2. Lightweight steels

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