Cryogenic Applications

1. Transformation-assisted high-entropy alloys

2. Transformation/Twinning-assisted high-Mn steels

Development of new energy sources such as liquefied natural gas and hydrogen gas demands advanced structural materials to transport, preserve, and utilize them safely. Since these gases are generally carried at cryogenic temperatures such as 111 or 20 K, designing of materials available under extreme environments is essentially needed.

We design the FCC-based high-entropy alloys and high-Mn steels for the cryogenic applications. We aim to develop those alloys triggering the transformation-induced & twinning-induced plasticity (TRIP & TWIP), leading to the high strain-hardening capability.


- The alloy design is based on the thermodynamic and ab initio calculation.

- Tensile, impact toughness, and fracture toughness are evaluated.

- Then, we investigate the mechanism by in-depth characterizations.


*Key Publications

(1) High-entropy alloys

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(2) High-Mn steels

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