High-temperature Applications

1. Alloy and Microstructure Design for Turbo-charger Applications

To endure high-temperature atmosphere as well as extreme damage in the turbo-charger (thermo-mechanical fatigue) the materials are required to present high corrosion resistance and moderate strength levels.

We thus design the austenitic stainless cast steel containing various carbides based on the thermodynamic calculation.

We quantify the composition, size, fraction, and distribution of constituent phases, then evaluate high-temperature properties.


2. In-situ Observation (heating-straining)

It is very challenging to define the deformation/fracture mechanism at high-temperature because we couldn't "see" the behaviors directly during the tests.

However, we've adopted recently the very fascinating system, confocal laser scanning microscopy, enabling them to be defined by the in-situ observation.

We are setting the system up now!


*Key Publications

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